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Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services
Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services

Envirian® LLC Takes Technology Lead In Licensing Agreements for Patented Mapping Capability

Reston, VA - June 26th, 2006 Envirian LLC, the Reston, Va.-based national real estate technology franchise brokerage, announced today that it has negotiated an agreement to license Real Estate Alliance Ltd's (REAL) patented REAL 989™ map search function for use on its national and franchise Web sites.

The agreement, concluded following negotiations between attorneys for the two companies, grants Envirian® a master license as well as licenses for every broker and agent in the Envirian® franchise family. To date, Envirian® has franchises in operation in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Under this agreement, Envirian® and each of its brokers and agents will become fully licensed nationwide users of REAL's patents, granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1989 and 1991. The patents cover a mapping method "for locating available real estate properties for sale, lease or rental using a database of available properties and a graphic interface," according to the document. The patent also includes a "drilldown" feature, under which specific areas can be displayed in greater detail.

"We believe that this technology will enable our brokers and our customers to quickly identify homes they want to purchase in desirable neighborhoods far better than any other technology currently available in the real estate market today," Dr. Lee Konowe, Envirian's CEO said.

"After thorough research, we determined that the viability of the REAL patent will allow members of our franchise family to take full advantage of its approach. Homebuyers will be able to zoom in on a map of an area where they want to live, and quickly identify and look at real estate listings in that area. It provides them with a greater choice of properties available to them," Konowe said.

"By stepping up and licensing the patent across our franchise family, we are sending a message to the industry that we recognize and honor REAL's intellectual property, and would urge others to do the same," Konowe said. "We have applied for many patents of our own, and hope that others will honor our rights as well. This is simply the right thing to do," he noted.

"Envirian® is the first major national real estate franchise to license our patents for real estate location technology," said Andrew Rooke, President of REAL. "We are gratified by its decision, and note that this licensing agreement is consistent with Envirian's track record of constantly working to benefit its agents and customers at every step of the home buying process," Rooke noted.

The Envirian® business model and its technology integrates Web mapping and satellite imaging systems with the display of properties listed for sale on the multiple listing service, coupled with principles that promote collaboration and teamwork.

According to Konowe, Envirian® is the only national company to provide a continuous supply of Internet generated leads to its agents and offer a generous commission split. He attributes the firm's Internet lead technology, its lean corporate structure and its commitment to keep the real estate transaction simple to the increasing number of franchises opening nationwide.

About Envirian
Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Envirian LLC (www.envirian.com) was founded in 2004 to fulfill the promise of real estate technology. The company's unique approach to residential real estate brokers and agents includes: technology-based real estate brokerages, 100 company leads per agent per year, 70/30 commission splits, no referral fees on leads, and a collaborative corporate culture. Envirian's proprietary technology solutions were designed for maximum interoperability and benefit, enabling brokers and agents to conduct more business, communicate with clients and each other, as well as manage the process of real estate sales. Services include top position lead procurement, near instantaneous lead delivery to transaction management, and after-sale client services.



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