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Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services
Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services


The Franchisee's Protected Territory
Unlike most, if not all, other real estate franchises Envirian offers protected territories based upon a city or town model, not predicated on zip codes or circles of a given diameter, or other somewhat artificial system. Accordingly, Envirian franchise territories are the actual names of towns and or cities. As an example, the territory Reno, Nevada is a single territory and only available to one franchisee. Obviously, such a significant community may end up with more than one Envirian office, but all such offices will be owned, controlled and operated by the same franchisee.

In this way each franchisee is offered a protected territory, based upon a designation that is related clearly to the marketing area. This system of territory selection is based upon Envirian's Internet and Cable TV marketing strategy and we believe is the most sensible approach based upon our model. Thus the Reno, Nevada franchisee will find that they are the only franchisee receiving marketing and resulting customer leads for the city of Reno.


Envirian Unique Features
This system has several unique features, one of which is the initial fee model for franchise territories. This system means that potential franchisees in small or more rural communities will have a lower cost of entry than those in major metropolitan areas. In the case where a town has insufficient marketing opportunities and therefore does not meet the minimum qualifications for a territory, we may choose to group together several adjacent communities as a single franchise territory or, in the event of low population rural areas, assign an entire county as a franchise territory.

In the case of major cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and the like) we will select franchisees on the basis of their financial and management ability to rapidly support and deploy multiple offices. As once a town/city territory is assigned to a franchisee it becomes unavailable to anyone else, we are taking considerable time and effort to ensure that a franchisee is well equipped to have a specific territory and is provided with the best tools to ensure success.


Expressing an Interest
The first step in obtaining an Envirian territory is to express an interest. On the adjacent application form you will find pull down menus, allowing you to pick a state and then (after the screen refreshes) a town or city. In making this selection, you are not doing anything more than expressing an interest. Making this selection does not mean that you have obtained a franchise for this territory. Nothing in making this selection binds you in any manner to proceed. You are simply beginning the process of expressing an interest and will then be supplied with additional information and an opportunity to determine if an Envirian franchise makes sense for your business purposes.

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    This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. If you are a resident of one of the states that regulates franchise sales, we will offer you a franchise only after we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.

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