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Envirian - A New Real Estate Environment
Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services
Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services


Jim Anderson, Realtor®, Envirian Scottsdale Franchise

Just a short note to express an Arizona "thank you" for the great training and introduction to Envirian this week. Steve, Jim and myself all were impressed with The throughness of the training and the knowledge of the Envirian staff. We are excited and ready to start growing our franchise!

Thank you for developing such a cutting edge company.

Kramer and Kravcak, Realtor®, Envirian Bucks County Franchise

Why did we choose Envirian? After years of contemplating a Real estate business venture, Kramer and Kravcak decided to explore the Envirian possibility minutes after reading the Envirian franchise- website. Kevin called Bill on a Saturday night in January. He could hardly contain his excitement as He said “You have got to check out this company.” And to the Envirian website Bill went. That moment has changed our lives forever. After years of searching for the perfect real estate company to align ourselves with….our search was over. Within days we scheduled our trip to Virginia. And we left our deposit check during the first visit. We are sold on the Envirian concept because the wave of the futures is the internet and Envirian is riding the crest of the wave. Other led generating companies are quite successful, but E has taken it to the next level. They understand that capturing the lead is only the beginning. Delivering and responding to the lead is what’s most important. E’s system delivers the lead in minutes to an agent who is waiting to respond, in seconds not days. We believe that this is the way to turn that lead into a sale. Coupled with the other innovative advances that E has developed, we feel that this is the system for us. We are very proud to be THE FIRST ENVIRIAN FRANCHISE in existence.

Emmett Dingley

I have been thoroughly impressed with the technology of Northern Virginia Fine Homes (NVFH) to provide agents with the greatest opportunity to obtain viable leads that can be converted to actual clients in the shortest amount of time of any system I have as yet experienced.

I was previously associated with a very large brokerage that claimed to spend millions on web site development but that provided leads to only a selective group of agents and still kept that lion's share of commissions to themselves. NVFH has come up with a model of lead distribution that is the finest in the industry from the point of view of the agent who gets the preponderence of the commission if successful in converting the lead to a closed client. Kudos to Lee and Denese Konowe and NVFH.

M. White, Realtor® , Fairfax, VA

Being a former Information Technology person of 30 years and a Realtor® and real estate photographer for three years who just joined with the NVFH group less than three months ago, I can positively say they are heavily into providing the best technology for their agents that I have seen in any real estate office. Their lead generation is exactly or in most cases more than what they say. Agent and office staff morale and camaraderie are very high to off the chart.

Carolyn Hurley, Realtor®, www.theagent.org

When companies such as ours, NVFH lean forward in technology, wisdom, leadership and friendships from the top down, it is not hard to want to be part of this once in a lifetime organization! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Ron Seiber, Realtor®, NVFH

Other real estate companies I've worked for embrace the past and find it difficult to break away from it; realtors who find it difficult to use computers, agents who still "farm," sending postcards to strangers, brokers who are happy with the status quo and don't have a vision for the future.

Since joining NVFH, it has been nothing but full speed ahead, a complete break from the past way of doing the business of real estate. At NVFH we use a lead-based system of getting good clients, not farming, brokers who help us in every way, including granting realtors free Skytel email receivers to increase productivity, and a company that doesn't nickle and dime you to death with fees for this and that. (No coffee dues. It's the little things.) Since being with NVFH, I can truely say I'm proud to be a realtor, and proud to be working with such a great "forward thinking" management who's not afraid to break new ground in real estate.

Cam Dunlop, Realtor®, NVFH/DCFH

My experience so far has been tremendous. In a few short months, my leads have been so abundant and fruitful that I am now employing an assistant. The future of Realty is clearly in mastering technology, and the principals of Northern Virginia Fine Homes have definitely done that.


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