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Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services
Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services

Another First For Envirian LLC, The National Technology Franchise Brokerage

Reston, VA - June 29th, 2006 Envirian LLC, the Reston, Va.-based national real estate technology franchise brokerage, announced today that its first franchise, Envirian of Bucks County, Pa., posted another first as sponsors of the first Envirian little league championship team at the Middletown Athletic Association.

"We have added another first to the Envirian of Bucks County mantle," said Bill Kramer, co-owner of the franchise and coach of the winning little league team. "Besides being the first franchise bought, opened, and expanded, we brought the Envirian name their first little league championship."

According to Kevin Kravcak, also a co-owner of Envirian of Bucks County, their little league team fought hard to win the championship. "After losing their second playoff game, the kids had to fight their way out of the loser's bracket, and then win a double header on championship day," Kravcak said. "The boys, however, fought hard and finished with an impressive 16-4-2 final record," he added.

The Envirian Bucks County sponsorship included outfitting the players and purchasing a sign with the Envirian name in the outfield.

"One of the principles our business model is built on is the importance in life to give back to the community," said G. Dean Wood, Envirian President and CFO. "The Bucks County franchise is just one of our many franchises that recognize the importance of this principle. Many of our agents within the Envirian family provide community support through a variety of activities that assist the less fortunate and others within their communities. We believe that you must give if you want to receive back," Wood added.

To date, Envirian LLC has franchises in operation in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The Envirian business model and its technology integrates Web mapping and satellite imaging systems with the display of properties listed for sale on the multiple listing service, coupled with principles that promote collaboration and teamwork.

According to Konowe, Envirian® is the only national company to provide a continuous supply of Internet generated leads to its agents and offer a generous commission split. He attributes the firm's Internet lead technology, its lean corporate structure and its commitment to keep the real estate transaction simple to the increasing number of franchises opening nationwide.

About Envirian
Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Envirian LLC (www.envirian.com) was founded in 2004 to fulfill the promise of real estate technology. The company's unique approach to residential real estate brokers and agents includes: technology-based real estate brokerages, 100 company leads per agent per year, 70/30 commission splits, no referral fees on leads, and a collaborative corporate culture. Envirian's proprietary technology solutions were designed for maximum interoperability and benefit, enabling brokers and agents to conduct more business, communicate with clients and each other, as well as manage the process of real estate sales. Services include top position lead procurement, near instantaneous lead delivery to transaction management, and after-sale client services.

Envirian of Bucks County
For more information about Envirian of Bucks County, Contact Kevin Kravcak or Bill Kramer at 215/741-4020.

Website: http://www.Bucks-County-Fine-Homes.com

Annemarie Roketenetz
Franchise Services
email: annemarie.roketenetz@envirian.com
phone: 703/969-6363

Envirian of Bucks County
Kevin Kravcak
email: keven.kravcak@envirian.com

phone: 215/741-4020

For more information about Envirian franchise opportunities, contact Dr. Lee Konowe at 703/391-9200 or 703/928-2805.



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