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Envirian - A New Real Estate Environment
 Press Release
Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services
Offering Professional Buyer & Seller, Residential Real Estate Services

Envirian LLC Announces Knoxville, Tenn. Franchise
New Franchise Owner Has Clear View Of Envirian Business Model

Reston, VA Jan. 2, 2007 — Technology and investing in real estate have been long-time hobbies for Darin Smith, so when the Envirian web site caught his eye, the ophthalmologist from Knoxville, TN., said the combination of both under one business roof was too attractive to pass by.

Envirian, a national real estate technology franchise brokerage offers a business model promoting collaboration and teamwork through its principles, coupled with an operating system designed to deliver immediate leads via the Internet to real estate professionals. In addition, the Envirian system integrates Web mapping and satellite imaging systems with the display of properties listed for sale on the multiple listing service.

Envirian of Greater Knoxville, TN., joins franchises already in operation in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

"I've enjoyed personal investment in real estate for a long time and I had decided that I wanted to get more involved in it but did not want to just lease a business. When I came across the Envirian web site, the combination of technology and the support the firm offers to its franchises made a lot of sense to me. I especially liked the business model's principle of internal non-competition among Envirian agents," Smith said.

Yvonne Walton, a Realtor for more than seven years, had previously owned another national franchise and was looking for a new company. With a background in technology, a news article about Envirian and its technology-based way of doing business caught her eye. Walton said she has sat through numerous demonstrations for other real estate franchises but had not seen any other system that came close to what Envirian offers.

"It was a natural attraction for me," Walton said. "When I called to inquire about purchasing the Knoxville territory though, Lee Konowe, the company's CEO told me it had just been purchased by someone else — an investor, he said, who actually was in search of a broker to run his new office. Lee suggested Darin and I contact each other, which we did. Now, we're business partners and so excited to be part of the Envirian brand," Walton added.

When Envirian of Greater Knoxville opened its doors earlier this month, it did so supported by more than 35 agents Walton brought with her from her previous company. "I'm also excited for new agents," Smith said. "The Envirian business model with its lead generation system puts people in a position to excel in this business, whether an experienced agent or one just getting started in the business. It gives them the power to produce," he added.

"We're very excited to welcome our newest Envirian franchisee to the family," said G. Dean Wood, President/CFO Envirian LLC. "Clearly the Envirian model, which marries technological innovation with a renewed focus on teamwork and customer satisfaction, is striking a chord among residential real estate professionals."

"The Envirian name is fast becoming recognized throughout the nation, further validating our company's business model. The demand is there in the real estate industry for the service our franchises offer, as well as the need our model fulfills for tech-savvy consumers searching for property via the net," Envirian's Chief Administrative Officer, Francisco Barragan, said.

"The opening of Envirian of Greater Knoxville increases our foothold in the country's southern real estate market. Darin Smith, Yvonne Walton, and their team understand the power of technology and the Internet and we are very fortunate to have them at the helm of this franchise. Yvonne's expertise in the real estate field and commitment to the Envirian name will provide consumers in the Knoxville area with the highest of professional services," Barragan added.

According to Barragan, Envirian is the only national company to provide a continuous supply of Internet generated leads to its agents and offer a generous commission split. He attributes the firm's Internet lead technology, its lean corporate structure and its commitment to keep the real estate transaction simple to the increasing number of franchises opening nationwide.

Registered users of the new Envirian of Greater Knoxville site, http://www.GreaterKnoxvilleFineHomes.com, will be able to view listed properties on the map that are color coded by price, making the old real estate adage of finding the least expensive property in the more expensive locations easier.

For more information about Envirian of Greater Knoxville, contact Yvonne Walton at 865/986-5951 or 866/218-8059. Envirian Greater Knoxville Fine Homes is located at 730 Hwy. 321 North, Suite 108, Lenoir City, TN 37771.

As technology continues to impact the traditional real estate business model, Envirian looks poised to set a new standard for both the consumer and the real estate agent, Wood said. "The rapid growth of the franchise and multiple territory ownership by most franchisees will likely lead to a rapid decline in available territories. As Envirian's model provides exclusive protected territories there is only some 900 or so possible territories available in the entire United States," he added.

About Envirian
Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Envirian LLC (www.envirian.com) was founded in 2004 to fulfill the promise of real estate technology. The company's unique approach to residential real estate brokers and agents includes: technology-based real estate brokerages, 100 company leads per agent per year, 70/30 commission splits, no referral fees on leads, and a collaborative corporate culture. Envirian's proprietary technology solutions were designed for maximum interoperability and benefit, enabling brokers and agents to conduct more business, communicate with clients and each other, as well as manage the process of real estate sales. Services include top position lead procurement, near instantaneous lead delivery to transaction management, and after-sale client services.

For more information about Envirian franchise opportunities, contact Dr. Lee Konowe at 703/391-9200 or 703/928-2805.



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